Return Policies

Trix Card provides returns of goods within 3 days of receipt of the shipment

Return policy at Trix Card UAE

Goods shipped from Trix Card AE can be returned within 3 days of receipt of the shipment in most cases. Some products have different policies or associated requirements.

For goods shipped out of the UAE, it can take two to four weeks for goods to reach us. Once the item arrives at our response center, give us two business days to receive and process the return request. After processing the return request, it may take 5-7 days to issue the refund based on the refund method you have chosen

If you have purchased a card item that has been shipped, sold, and found damaged and included in the manufacturer’s published warranty, the item will be replaced or the cost of the item will be refunded throughout the published warranty period.

  • The box must be returned to the product and certificates of authenticity, classification, and evaluation in full with the item.
  • Any returned item will be rejected without the original documents.
  • Please photograph the product upon arrival and find it damaged and communicate with us.

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