About Us

An Emirati-owned and managed company. We are proud to be the first UAE-based organization specialized in customizing, designing and producing high-quality luxury playing cards. Card games are a pastime enjoyed here in the UAE and all over the world. With this, we have curated and created striking designs tailored for our customers through extensive market research. Months of hard work have gone into sourcing the highest quality materials on the market, from our one-of-a-kind double laminated glossy paper specially made and imported from Korea, to the hundreds of man-hours spent tweaking every detail in our designs. All this combing to create the most luxurious unique product of its kind to the market.

We want Trix Card to be renowned for its stunning designs and high-quality product. We offer complete control to the customer using our designs or creating their own with the help of our designers who have years of experience and knowledge. Whether they are for personal or commercial use Trix Card has what you need

What We Provide?